Welcome to Jolo’s Kitchen!
Welcome to Jolo’s Kitchen where everything is vegan! We only serve plant-based foods.  We aim to serve healthy meals made with fresh ingredients, and surprisingly realistic “veggie-meats” filled with delicious flavors, and textures. Our diverse daily specials are full of creativity, fresh ingredients and variety.  We appeal to the humane conscious eaters and ensure that our ingredients meet a high standard of quality that you can trust.

Thanks for joining us, enjoy!


Food Menu

Specials of the Day

Our daily specials are known for serving assorted plant based and well-balanced grain, vegetable and root vegetable options.

One Vegetable Serving $4.00

One Veggie-meat Serving $5.00

Small Plate $7.00 Choose 2 items, only one veggie-meat 

Medium Plate $9.00 Choose 3 items, only one veggie-meat

Large Plate $12.00 Choose 4 items

Sampler Platter $14.00 Select 5 items

Appetizers, Soup and Sides

Crispy Nuggets $6.50

Patties $3.00

Soups are always gluten-free

Hot Soup of the Day

$4.00 small   16 Oz


Served with Oil & Vinegar or Creamy Goddess dressing, assorted leafy vegetables, tomato, onions, cucumber.

Avocado Salad $7.00

Grilled Vegan-Chicken Salad $10.00

Hummus Salad $8.00

Sandwiches & Wraps

We have optional organic ketchup, vegan-mayo,

and/or humus to top the sandwiches & Wraps.

Add Vegan Cheese $1.00

Add Avocado for $1.00

Hot Sandwiches

Prepared with lettuce, tomato and onions.

Vegan-Burger $5.50

Quinoa Burger $6.50

Vegan-Fish Burger $8.00

Vegan-Ribs Philly Steak Style $8.00


Prepared with lettuce, tomato, onions and cucumber.

Vegan-Chicken & Hummus $8.00

Vegan-Ribs with Cooked Onions $8.00

Avocado Wrap $8.00


Cake of the Day $4.00

Cookies $2.50

Raw Pie Slice $5.00

Everything is Vegan, all the Time…

Speak to your server if you have any Food Allergies or follow any Special Diet.